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Dressed for the occasion
Friday, March 27, 2009

So what if you were to make your own shroud? An idea I have discussed with a friend recently - it's not just because I have the flu honest. I started to think about what you might want to wear on this special occasion. Traditionally white of course - the Victorian starched cotton and crisp lace almost virginal but also set against the softening flesh for the final ride an offering for the fire. But surely a white corpse would not look good in white - no contrast? Not immediately anyway. Obviously no polyester or manmade fibres unless you are a burning and even then, no, not ever, too melty and unpleasant. Silk perhaps in a bright colour or set of colours exotic and tropical like a beautiful bird's plumage ready for flight. Or ikat especially the dark japanese types with something orange you have found in a charity shop - with the agnes b necklace or the pearls?

I like the idea of starting work on the garment having it ready, adding to it with buttons and lace and feathers and messages and poems and coins in pockets - so you know it will be there, saving the relatives a problem and also giving you death bed peace of mind and maybe a form of adjustment? After all it was not uncommon once to have your own coffin knocking about the place. Think Clarissa.

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