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yoyos for jojo
Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So what has she been up to with those magic fingers? Still covering books - this one embellished with a bit of folded fabric which my ma in law showed me how to do recently. And the yoyos are the new passion so perfect if you have a million bits of material, a monstrous collection of buttons and not much sewing nouse. You can make thousands of them in an evening of pointless pleasure. It kind of makes you tranquil. Must be how heroin feels - just a different use of a needle, I guess.
I have taken my sewing machine to be mended but fear it may be doomed. In which case I would just have to buy another one. This would be my first ever purchase of a sewing machine, as the other two I have are elderly pass ons. If I bought a new one - blimey would that mean I was a real sewist? A bit late in the day, old girl. And is it hand sewing that I like? Slow and repetitive. Instead of whizzing up and down out of control - too much like my real life, pond skater Colley.
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